And forearm pain and i was diagnosed with tennis elbow, although i did not do any repetitive activities to bring this forth. viagra 20 grammi I went to a hand (upper extremity) surgery and he and tos specialist diagnosed me with neurogenic tos. He believes the ulnar and median nerves are entrapped in the brachail plexus or near the collar bone area. The neurosergeon who did my acdf does not agree with them on the neurogenic tos diagnosis, because it does not show on emg and i do not have a fifth cervical rib. Viagra dosage seniors I have been told by the hand surgeon that the carpal tunnel surgery will not help in my case because the entrapment of nerve is up higher. viagra prescription free I am thinking of attempting the carpal tunnel release anyway to see what happens because i am desperate for relief of this, even if it only helps from my wrists down, it will be some relief. I think i may have been padded improperly during the surgery. viagra 20 grammi Anyway, i am in pain management and will remain there. viagra dosage recreational I would not recommend this surgery to anyone unless there spinal cord is being impinged. Most of the people i read about come out wose than before went in. viagra soft gel Has anyone else had a similiar scenerio by chance? buy generic viagra online usa pharmacy Martina hi martina ---hi had acdf in 7-2010 same as i did good intially but was short lived no im in daily pain. cheap viagra Neck shoulder pain & hand still numb. 20 mg of viagra Shoulder gives me the most pain. I was wondering how you are doing now? viagra with no prescription Has any symptoms for better or any treatment help you? I too am struggling to find answers?? Thanks!!   mg neck prob view public profile find more posts by mg neck prob yesterday, 02:17 pm   # 12 spine95 member   join date: feb 2011 posts: 319 my mood: i trust you will not have any sort of carpal, median or ulnar "release" unless you have had a nerve conduction study that demonstrates where the problem (s) is. buying generic viagra online Years back, i could have sworn that my neck had gone south again but pain man insisted on doing the study before sending me for a surgical consult. It turned out that i had a badly compressed ulnar nerve. I had him set me up with his surgeon of choice and had it repaired. It's been almost eight years ago and i can say it was a total success. sale viagra online canada To this day, i may have some occassional light tingling in my little finger if i push the envelope relative to my hand/arm. I would repeat that in a heartbeat. I can't say that about most of my spinal surgery. viagra australia no prescription Best wishes. Side effects of long term viagra use   spine95 view public profile find more posts by spine95 yesterday, 04:50 pm   # 13 ginnie senior member   join date: aug 2010 location: anna maria island florida posts: 3,710 my mood: hi mg yes, i had some of the same experience as you. viagra side effects grapefruit I was fused origionally at c6-7. Out of sugery i was not right. generic viagra shipped from usa I also was not told that the ones above were damaged. That information was kept from me even though i complained. 5 years later in pain management had c3-7 done, the re-do of c6-7. Viagra 100 mg nebenwirkungen It was hard to go through. So sorry you are enduring this too. buy viagra from canada As it is, my t 1-2-3- isn't so hot either. Was told this is indeed the domino eff. viagra 20 grammi
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